Forget Me Not Annie

Forget Me Not Annie

A horror game that will make your hair stand on end

Forget Me Not Annie is an independent, first person horror game. View full description


  • Very creepy atmosphere
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Great graphics


  • No configuration settings
  • Some stability issues

Very good

Forget Me Not Annie is an independent, first person horror game.

In Forget Me Not Annie, players take on the role of Annie, a girl who is locked in her own mind and whose only friend is Howard, a grotesque and over-sized teddy bear.

Game objective

Forget Me Not Annie lets you explore 3D environments and interact with objects in a special way - by using Annie's telekinetic powers. Players use Annie's powers to solved various puzzles that advance you forward in the game.

To do this you must also use Howard's skills. Pull objects toward him so he can make use of the new objects as well. The key to being successful in Forget Me Not Annie is to combine both Annie's and Howards powers.

Visuals and sound

From the start, Forget Me Not Annie conveys a sense of foreboding. This feeling is accentuated as you go into the game, and it really helps make playing the game even more of an experience.

Sound effects are minimal but creepy, with tinkling background music that sounds like melodic bells. It fits with the atmosphere, which is dark and metallic. Occasional anguished screams of girls and more insistent horror music, as well as the general atmosphere of this game might make it unsuitable for younger children, however.

The graphics in Forget Me Not Annie are also really good, especially when you take into account that Forget Me Not Annie is a student project and is being offered for free. The scenes are very detailed and 3D, although the dark atmosphere can make some objects difficult to see.

For a free PC game, Forget Me Not Annie is a pleasant surprise due to its fantastic background music and creepy, detailed graphics.

Forget Me Not Annie


Forget Me Not Annie